Today I will Not Write A Poem …..


Written: © Maxima 

Irresistible and intoxicating you,
My dearest angel,
Yours are the most beautiful lips
In the world,
Hot kisses and magic are mine.
Today I will not write a poem or verse, no rhyme.
Today my hands and lips will sprinkle you
With tenderness,
The sparkling gems of my poetry.
I love you

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8 thoughts on “Today I will Not Write A Poem …..

  1. Wow! If you do not want to write a poem … what you wrote was more than a poem! Beautiful! “Intoxicating you” .. and “bright stones …” they were very well in this poem.
    Bright stones caused me to remember when I was a small child. My father took me to school very early in the morning. I was sleepy. Then he sang to me. Also making up stories.
    One such story was about bright and colorful stones: he said that the street where we walked there were colorful and shiny little pebbles that had been placed on the street just for me goes down the street … This was inspired by an old Brazilian music. It’s so good to remember my father. I miss him a lot.
    Best, Tânia.

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