Written: Maxima

My guest today, poet ~Quirky has a very impressive, rich, and unique poetic background.  Her verses are composed with beauty and harmony, rising into the beauty of the night sky with universal harmony and stellar qualities. Her poems are as lovely as a bride in white, a lovely spiritual tone , pure and joyful. bringing new life to the meaning of poetry

Bio: ~The Face Behind the Words~ Silly that’s how she describes herself… Quirky in so many ways… She’s a woman with the weirdest smile… She is a sole lover of finest wisdom… A woman with a fiery heart… She loves like there is no tomorrow… She laughs till it kills silence… She cries the saddest tears… She smiles the sweetest style… She bleeds deeply so she can live fully… Her life is no extraordinary… She is the face soon everyone will forget… ~S.A.~a

Let’s listen to what she tell us

“I am not like anyone else in the world, I have my own principles and beliefs in life, I don’t go with pop culture but I like to blend with the alternatives. I have a mind of its own… yes I have my own opinions about an issue but most of my opinions are kept from public. I got a unique character, because no two persons are alike, I believe in the uniqueness of each person and respect is the greatest gift you can give to everyone. I am dependently independent or vice versa. I can go alone, I can also go with a pack. I am specifically made to give out light, I can be a candle, I can light the world, or I can go destructive and burn, however, despite all the trials I have been through I remained a light and never destructive. I AM who I AM, love me or hate me, I don’t need to pretend to be loved and accepted. I am RARE though not endangered, like I said I truly respect everyone’s individuality. I am a SOLE lover of finest wisdom, I love reading inspirational books and the Holy Bible. I have my own genre that suited me most… like I said I don’t go with what is “in demand”, I am a rebel of the popular society. I make mistakes, I despise perfection, I admire variance. I am a FLAWED MASTERPIECE OF THE SUPREME BEING. I have my OWN STYLE – FAULTY, INCOHERENT, CONTRADICTORY to some people. I AM NON-NEGOTIABLE, RES NULLIUS (I AM NOT SOMEONE else’s PROPERTY) I am CORPOREAL BUT INALIENABLE, NON FUNGIBLE. My heart is insusceptible of appropriation, my thoughts are SPECIALLY CRAFTED FOR SOMETHING CANNOT BE IMITATED. I have a passion for fashion. I am HATED BY SHALLOW MINDED PEOPLE and LOVED by RESPECTABLE PEOPLE. I CAN LOVE AND HATE; cause I am not a saint. I have been through storms; drowned myself in pride and insecurities; I have won a lot of battles specially cancer; I may fall but I know how to bounce back from every fall. And this is my story.

You can call me Sweet Rivera A. (Not really my real name as I kept my blogging thing and poems from my family and friends), I am from Philippines, born on Sept 28, 1985 and I am a teacher and a researcher by profession. The blogging world is my second home, though I attempted several times to open my blogs to my friends and family, but it would be best to remain incognito. Only a few knew that I blog, only a few of my friends have read my works, but majority of my closest friends have no clue of my blogs. I started writing months after I finished my radiation treatment. Writing poetry is just an accidentally discovered skill, though I have written 40 songs in the past, but a big storm and flood last 2011 washed all my notes away. In year 2012 after the Bar Exam, I was diagnosed of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, it was really one of my darkest moment in life, but because of my family, friends, and relatives undying support, I was able to overcome death and loneliness. Today, I am enjoying my job as a teacher and also counseling teenagers. Teaching is a job that gives me much fulfillment. I also wanted to write a novel, but I feel like I need to sharpen my writing skills, specially my grammar. I have many romantic stories in mind but sad to say, I could not express them all. Maybe this dream to be an author or novelist may just be a part of my fantasies. But people like you Stefan may give a spark to my dreams. And I really do hope we can work on a story someday. I am so grateful to God for having you as my friend. Cancer led me to blogging, it led me to authors like you, and if there is one thing that cancer gave me? Cancer may be an answer to my greatest dream. Also blogging led me to seablueone, I met him online in another site, and through blogs we got closer and love grows in our hearts everyday. Thank you very much Stefan… By the way, I will send you my picture but I hope you will keep it. (The photo is not clear because I am using my old phone). Here are some of my favorite poems that I have written in the past and I promise you that I will write a new poem soon, once you give me a theme.

~Lost Love~

Letter to an ex lover…
I am nothing but a keeper of your vanity
The door to your forgotten history
I am that broken window pane
When you tried to escape from your piercing reality
I am your mirror the reflection of your broken smile
I am nothing but your conscience
Your painful karma for every pack of lies
I am nothing but your nuisance
It is my voice you’ll never hear again
As I disconnected all lines that bridge our thoughts
I am nothing but your sorrowful dream
My tears are no longer the same
For I have unlade all sadness and
Removed all traces of our yesterdays
I am nothing but a wandering soul
I bleed to rinse off decayed compassion
Setting my heart free of you completely
For you left without a note
Not a word to give me hope
I am nothing to you but
A memory of what love ought to be


~Remember Me~

Remember me?
I am the shadow you ignored
The voice you never heard
Remember me?
I am the song out of tune
The music needing it’s notes
Remember me?
I am the word you can’t spell
The picture you can’t paint on your wall
Remember me?
I am the story remained untold
The letter you left unopened
Remember me?
The heart you took for granted
The soul left unseen
The only one who loves you
With no words spoken
Remember me?

© quirkyshine

~The Heart Has Reasons~

The heart cannot hide from its keeper
Cannot deprive itself of passion
The desire to appease it’s obsession
The heart cannot be fooled by it’s voice
It speaks at the moment it is untamed
It rejects any pain and knows only gain
The happiness felt at its core
The heart has powers
The strength to suffer in vain
The force to break it’s spirit free

The heart remains to be mysterious
It loves to beat the odds
It surpasses all storms
It has a mind of it’s own

“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing” (Blaise Pascal)

© quirkyshine Quirkyshine