We have wings
Lunar silver thread,
Woven To fly from
Vineyard to vineyard.
Our desires,
Like drunken starlings –
So nice to us, in that plane.
In the light of our desires,
In this world, add one,
A little baby,
I know that you like small children.
You’re telling me my love –
While intoxicated,
flying in the sky of our happiness.
Look how beautiful they are …
This is for you,
There is, what about you …
It even has the ears of you
Look how beautiful,
I want a baby!
Quite small
With your beautiful eyes.
We told ourselves,
Like a drunken starlings
When we flew
from vineyard to vineyard
Our most beautiful dreams.
Let’s make a baby.
Please … a little Tiny…
What will we name this baby
I ask you,
Hm, so let’s name ….

Haha, I love you!
Only you , my love.