POST 19.8.2015.
I kneel
Before the reality
Luring my hands
The reality which,
Changing the shapes,
Expresses its demands
Leaving visible traces
In capillary sighs of the soul,
Filling my heart with
Nameless charm
Of a love feast
I kneel
Before reality
Dazzling me with its beauty
I dive into the secret whirls
Of every dot on
Your trembling lips
Which enchant my universe,
And deep metamorphosis of
My intimate constellations
I kneel
Before the naked truth
Love the smell
Of your body
Not even my poetic adventures
Can convey the eternal flame
Burning inside you
Tongues of fire spreading
All over you
Touching the tips of
Ripe fruits
Their quivering
Leading to heaven
I kneel
And I love kneeling
Before the naked truth
That changes us
And takes us
To a new life.