Kopija od Picture 061

Oh, my friends
Speak softly tonight
Let your minds wander
Somewhere else
Don’t hold it against me
But my poem is sad
Written for the angel
Looking down on me,
For my sister
Her weary eyes,
Restless hands
And her faint smile…
The last image in my mind
Her trembling hand waving at me
Her faint voice
’I’m not well’
My poem halted
Between the light and darkness
It cannot comfort the living
Nor those in Heaven
It is a memento of
My quiet and humble Anđa…
Heard her soft sigh
And her wish
’Keep on writing poems
Please, don’t write sad ones’
I won’t my dear sis
Just this one
Forgive me for this one
I can’t, I simply can’t…

I dedicate this poem
to my beloved sister Anđa
Who has passed away.