Picture 049
Written: Maxima

For the touch of your hands

This morning,
Running through thoughts
Completely naked in the
Waves of Sighs
Smelling like a breeze
From the ocean, its
Tenderness flooded my passions
When interfering hands,
Morning cobwebs and
Start light ran morning trails.
Just like you…
Off running
Smelling only morning blooms
And defying seagulls, while
Laughing out loud their love call, and
Gently twisting your hands
Around the Mystery of my desire.
How I love your charming sigh,
Longings in your chest and
A spark of love in your eyes.
How I miss our magical night
In search of hidden charms, of
Your kisses
Evaluated on
Dry sand shores
Under the palm trees
Below the Palm of our first kiss.