I Send My Love And Gratitude To You All

marija zivanovic autoportret

“I would love to take a moment to thank everyone for all the beautiful comments about my work. As an artist, I’m at service to every person and our precious planet, and appreciate your engaged energy and time to support my work. Thank you, stay creative and positive no matter what, I send my love and gratitude to you all.”
Marija Živanović

Written: Maxima

I saw her sleeping
Her hair spread loosely on the pillow
My fingers weaving through it.
All my tenderness woven into it
All my endless questions –
Oh, I caressed the long and beautiful strands
God – it is – beautiful
I saw her sleeping. her lips ,
A tender shelter for my lips ,
I gazed upon pink cherries, beautiful, pink cherries
We soared to new heights.
Her voice laughing and whispering
Of love in my ear.
To whisper and laugh .
To love , and love again ..
God the triumph of desire.
I saw her asleep ,
She ‘s gorgeous

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