Good Morning Angie

Jagger Marija Zivanovic

Marija Živanović was born 1985 in Nis ,Serbia. Completed High school of Art in Nis from 2000-2004. Attended Faculty of Art at University of Nis in 2004–2009, graduated with honours and received my MA in Fine Art.

Good Morning Angie
Written: Maxima

The morning,
Windows washed by the rain
A tiny student bedroom
In Franklin Roosevelt Street
By the Journalist Club
In the city of Zagreb
I love this city
My mind
Wanders, following the look
Which rests on the wall
Somewhere between
The floor and the ceiling
I switch off the lamp
Turn on the radio
The first morning coffee
With Angie
The Rolling Stones
Damn it!
Someone has put on my shoes
Walking through this day
What can I tell you, my sweetie,
Stay with me
Let your soul
Figure out the message
Written on the steamy window
I love you
I beg you


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