The Circle

My dear friend Happy Easter to you !
May this Easter blessed with love , joy and happiness.
With love Maxima

Written: © Maxima 

The Circle
Suddenly, you trembled, my darling
As if craving to turn a fluid wave
A magnificent wave that
Overwhelms the endless spaces
of our hearts
Into eternity
And, I, my dearest,
I feel pure joy
Dazzled by this feeling
The endless tender kiss
Has formed a magic circle
The source of our being
Somewhere among the stars
Of the brightest constellation
I love you


19 thoughts on “The Circle

  1. That is an absolutely beautiful! I see you are enjoyed very much by others. I see them smiling at you! I noticed you came to my blog This is my work that comes from heart. There is a saying I often say to people “The only legacy we ever leave behind is the effect we have on other people.”. I think you are affecting a lot of people! I hope to see you again and I will be sure to come back.

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