Picture 115

Written: © Maxima 
When I was little
I used to run after the clouds
Begging them to pour
Thick raindrops
Onto the path I ran on
So the dust wouldn’t lift
Under my feet
And I loved
Being bathed by the warm raindrops
Being soaking wet
And then coming to my mother
I would pretend I got caught up

She would take a towel
Wipe off my hair gently
And say
As many kisses on your cheek
As raindrops in your hair

Raindrops are made of love
Of the rainy clouds queen
Love for the world
And you, my little one
And let them drop
All over you
So I can give you
A bunch of kisses…
Then she would give me
A glass of fresh milk

My mother was both
My mother and my father
Her soul was a treasure trove
Full of fairy tales
She would tell me
When the night fell
She would run her fingers
Through my hair
Protecting me from the boogeyman

My mother was caring
Like all the mothers in the world
She had hands
With thousands of fingers
She was a woman
Like all the other women
Ordinary, yet
The glow in her eyes
When she said,
So many kisses on your sweet cheek…
And that’s what my mother was like.