Your Soul Kissing Our Children

Written: © Maxima

Wrapped up in longing
I let my imagination take over
I wish I were
A grain of sand
On the brim of your hat
So you could take me
In your hand and
Look at me gently…
How much I want to see
Your beautiful eyes
And to touch your radiant face
With my reflection in the sun
For a moment at least.
I am far away from you now
I want you so much
And you, I know,
You’re sitting in your living room
Your soul kissing our children
Made of these verses
And our dreams
Conceived in our love.
It seems to me I hear your voice
And I can see
Your beautiful smile
As you watch the shadows
Of the afternoon sun
Dancing above our children
I want you to know,
My beautiful princess
I love you so…

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