Between Shadows -The Curse (Part II ) from maxima on Vimeo.

Everything is here

Written: © Maxima

Everything is here
Seagulls and the rough sea
And the huge sun
Diving into it
I look around, amazed,
Looking at elongated shadows
Looking for you,
My inspiration
For this poem…
Your arms around my neck
A magical pearl necklace…
And again I can smell
The old bench of ours…
Your lap as my pillow
I can see your glittering eyes
In the blue sky
I can feel the taste
Of your lips
Still wet and salty
My poems are your realm
So is my soul
I have a special verse
For you tonight
The sun is big and round, huge
In amazement I’m looking
At elongated shadows
Coming my way
Looking for yours
I discern it, my love
I’m holding you
In my arms, my angel!