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Those Eyes Of Yours
Written: Maxima

Those eyes of yours, my precious gems…they cause turmoil in me…sweet unrest in my soul…that keeps growing and pervading. Like Venetian gondolas drifting in storms of passion – weeping, forgiving, praying, and loving. We swam in the river until late that night…melody of thousands of lyres… Your smile is a whole new world touching my soul. Today I’ve seen you, dressed in white…hey, my sweety…those eyes of yours…my precious gems…they cause turmoil in me!

And down in the village
Rumours spread…
A soft wind begins to blow
Mean people say
No use of
A deep sigh
No use of rains
Falling from the sad eyes
People say…their voices
Echoing downhill
Yes – your heart is no longer mine
Yes – your hand reaches for someone else.