Some Poem

Picture 089

Written: Maxima

There are some who say the song
by which people know
by the verses
to whom I belong

For a while I have to say
in the current hours my burdens
difficult to understand,
but life goes on.

There are some that say
they are happy and in love ,
Do they have those days left,
Did anyone ever think of them?

5 thoughts on “Some Poem

  1. Friends are angels who lift us when our wings are no longer able to recall how to fly
    You always will find, in joy or in sorrow, a hand to support you !
    Friendly thoughts

  2. In reading all your beautiful romantic posts – lately I was inspired to write some of my own. All I ever wanted is one example. Reading this post I felt sad, and I’ve no idea why. I hope you’re doing well. Have a beautiful and inspired day.

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