I Love You To The Sky

Written: Maxima

I’m delighted when I can tell you
“I love you to the sky… and above”
I enjoy it when you say
“ Find yourself other words
To describe
Those flames that warm my heart
Beating only for you.
But, please, don’t laugh…
And steal my eternal vow.
You of all people…
You know billions of other words
to weave in
the most beautiful garland of wishes.”
Oh! Just how much I love when you say
“I pat your sleepy eyes gently,
I know how much you enjoy
The dance of shadows that
Arms and bodies of two lovers make,
I know that you kiss my smiles…
And live your life for me…”
But, I love you to the sky and above
Those are the words my heart spells.
You can steal my hungry kisses,
Loving days and nights,
But these are the words
My heart writes to you
Only to you, and no one else.