The Bright Magical Silver Lights
Written: Maxima

My dear love,
Since I met you
The bright magical silver lights
In my sky
Send me tiny stars…
There are a million
Stars in my mind …
And amazing butterflies
In my stomach.
O the Sweetness of the moment;
Sweet smile,
Beautiful eyes,
Your loving arms,
Enclosing and
Absorbing my spiritual world.
Many people do not understand
My tears of joy
Viewed as sensations.
Many people did not understand
When I spoke….
When I speak with you…
You are my first real love
Everything I need and want
I love you, my beautiful angel….
I love you forever.

You touched my heart and soul, thank you. I wonder Maxima, if you realize how much your writing inspires others? You see, you always speak with your heart…and that opens the door for others to feel comfortable in doing the same. Much love to you and yours as well. You are a blessing in my world. Belinda
Singled comment written: Belinda

Thank you Belinda  I am  proud