New Year’s Fairy Tale

Written: Maxima

Know my verse to you full of heart ,
This night was different from the other nights
I know , that imagination can do anything ,
In dreams, my hands
Hug your maze of curls,
You are my beautiful, sweet queen;
Queen of the most beautiful people …
White veil of gossamer overlays
Your hair ,
Touching the heart
Together , crying with happiness …
As the fragrance of the most beautiful roses
Your warm voice sings a song.
This is the night, different from the other nights …
How beautiful , quiet princess
Sitting near the Christmas tree …
Wrapping gifts with a smile…..
Oh my God ! ..
How delightful it is.
In your red cap,
Perfect …
You’re my sweet Santa Clauses

Do I dream it
I just want
In every moment ,
Every desire ,
Every desire ,
All your dreams
With your lovely smile
to share
Let it remain forever
You are my eternal life
I love
My sleeping queen
Happy New Year