Down The Road
Written: Maxima

Let’s go, see some light!
In the depths of eternal truth,
The fresh insights
In the Arms of
Willow Goldilocks,
A soft, cool, beautiful kiss,
We share;
Your half is mine
My half is yours
your cheeks
So full of love and tenderness.
I seem,
yet find
But the word
To describe our moment;
this bliss
Witnessed by the stars and moon
Entwine our hands,
Our hearts
And soul too.
There are no words
To describe,
Each time my lips on yours Gently damp,
If this is a sin,
To love, honor, and cherish you,
Let it be!
Let me be a sinner
Your … Little dreamers eyes,
Your kisses are the most romantic
And your grandiose ways reveal the depth of your heart.

My lips, my heart, and soul
Are all yours,
Just yours!
And only yours!
No word can describe this moment
When – bliss – the soft touch your lips
Full of love and tenderness
And the jolt of passion.