Our World Of Love

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Our World Of Love

Written: Maxima

Your heart flows with joy.
Walking hand in hand with you,
We stroll by the river.
The wind and my fingers
Weaves your hair.
Beautiful hair;
Falling upon your shoulders.
You care for me with words
Of love bestowed.
My lips tenderly seek yours.
I would not argue with the wind ,
I am going to outclass
With the wind your hair
He is relentless,
How dare he

And you…
You softly kiss and touch me
Again and again.
Again and again,
Until the sky
Encircles us in this
Our world of love
That you have gifted me.
The fires of love turns our days golden,
Pure love for my heart forever.
I love you.


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One thought on “Our World Of Love

  1. minstrelwoman December 9, 2013 at 21:36 Reply

    Reblogueó esto en Mi Cajón Desastre.

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