Again I Wait Bolero


Again I Wait Bolero
Written: Maxima

Tonight I’ll let you wander through the
desterted streets of the soaked city

With wild shadows, lonely wind keeps company.
The traces of light appear in high windows.
Now the time is 19: 15 – and you’re not…
I know where you are again…
Again we were … discussing grandmothers.

I again hear your mother
I gently hug you in the shadows of
an old chestnut.
Our eyes shine like the brightest stars.
We whisper softly,
Then kiss … kiss … whispering
I’m in the shade of the old chestnut
Listening to the songs of your heart
I loved that … losing my mind.
Hey my love, I know that
Until later, our spring tango in Argentina Bolero.

Until our new spring
Tango… Argentina
Bolero …
Again I wait for your breezy steps
embracing in the shadows,
Here I am waiting for you
In the shadow of the old chestnut
Who will you be tomorrow

I do not know
But I love you


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One thought on “Again I Wait Bolero

  1. carlfmaulbeck December 8, 2013 at 04:04 Reply

    Love the one you’re with

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