Written: Maxima

Few honest is enough for me
Day is full of wind and wet fragment rain.
And me my lips itch
I would – kiss you my love
Nice to know you’re there
Somewhere sighing
Creating and writing a love song .
I know that you are in a job
Or maybe in the arms of Tom Cat.
Holding and stroking
His long ears
It is a shame – let it be
Foolish one ….
You must have…
Yeah , you’ve got someone!
The coffee ..
Then blah , blah, blah
And … my lips me itch
I would – kiss you my love

Day is full of wind
Rain and wet fragment
I wander from the desk
To the window
You are honest enough for me
The child completely open,
A spoken heart
You write your songs
That cast a shadow over me
And a day full of wind.