If We Go Back

“Video Time with Friends:
Poet Christy Birmingham”

Written: Maxima

It is with pleasure that I bring poet Christy Birmingham to the site today. She and I have worked together before and it’s nice to say thank-you to our friends. She has a lovely site Poetic Parfait, where she shares poetry and spotlights other artists.

Here is her newest poem “If We Go Back” and I’m so happy to feature it for the first time here! This is a wonderful occasion as we put together a video, which features her reading the poem along with my music and photographs from us both. We are both so proud of the video!

We hope you enjoy the video. Christy’s poem follows below so you can read along with the spoken words. Love and light! Thank-you Christy for your friendship and talents!

If We Go Back

Shudder and stare,
The ability to swim in no longer there-
I sit in the corner alone and
Ponder the time we held time within
Our intertwined fingers.

You are here in memory yet
Miles away in the shadows, as
Your smile got lost in the trashcan
When I threw out the wilted roses.

You wore your dreams in your pocket,
While I woke up in a bed full of goals-
Today I sit in the corner alone,
Yet I am warmer than I ever was with you.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham is an author, poet and freelance writer in British Columbia, Canada. Her debut book Pathways to Illumination is available exclusively at Redmund Productions . If you haven’t been by her blog check it out here, yet, . Find her on Twitter
Thanks my friend Christy to represent my creativity , my poetry on your site!
Thanks for your readers, (our friend ) on – beautiful – thinking about my literary work .
Stefan Maxima