Fire And Pain in Heart

post 26.10.2013.

Written: Maxima

Those whose hearst are crushed ,
deserve songs .
Because they did not deserve the pain.
The world sees the tears.
Your tears .
As a wave erupting from the coast .
The accusers are joyful –
They would have you burned at the stake –
As in the Middle Ages !
They would have it so..

For all the solitude pain suffering .
forced upon you received just for living.

She did not go for some –
there tears she does not deserve –
For some , whose obscenity and .
And whose soul
(not the soul – it is not obscene ! )
libertines –
Day by day, in tears ,
The severe pain in the chest from
separation from you.
And each one of us –
with the rain falling
Turns into a flood –
Down on the ground before the flood
Put something in the detail black and red
I know you’re good –
that which is inside –
And fire, and pain in one –
This , will never go away

Put on a smile . put on makeup
And when you are happy and beautiful
Then I’ll .recite poems
only for you
I promise –
Exactly like a dream .
give up Sodom and Gomorrah
That your primal
Chastity – will still win
You’ve got us – it’s nice to
Yet to be among our own.
I love you.

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