You Know I’m Yours


You know I’m yours

Written: Maxima

I’m weak and powerless,
you know that I’m yours.

I’m weak and powerless.
In a stunning moment of truth
you know I’m yours.
I’m weak and powerless
In this incredible moment of truth.

It befalls me in the October morning,
My thoughts,
They are unaware.
A feeling that I am drowning
in the breath of love.

Your heartbeats all around me.
Your heartbeat!
In your tender kisses my
heart hopes and leaks rain
which runs down slopes.
The curves of you,
soft ripe cherries that
die in the den of my dreams
from which I do not want to awake.

You are real … and cute …
and possess a sweet bliss of power.
Be merciful with your power.
I want you for life

18 thoughts on “You Know I’m Yours

  1. Very beautiful…so much sensitive and pure. You have a way with words that makes me wanna come back here, always. True, I don’t always comment, but know that I love reading you. Great Sunday.

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment I feel very proud when I read your beautiful thoughts You are great and You are always welcome With love your maxima

    • Thank you my friend you are great ! weather there here with me
      off the fog
      thick autumn
      walnut on which I wrote
      and heart
      just gave birth

      yellow leaves everywhere
      and some in the meadow
      in the shadow of skyscrapers play football …
      I love autumn
      I wish you all the best
      with love maxima

    • Thank you my friend! I am glad to see here,every your word , comment or gestures have particular resonance … You are great thank you for support me in this virtual world Have nice day with love maxima

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