Vision Of Your Eyes


Vision of your eyes

Written: © Maxima

Vision of your eyes
Never looked so beautiful
As they do tonight!
Look ! Young moon and all stars
Glory , the splendor of your views!
Your eyes are full of beauty
Full of beauty and hidden romantic glow.

Oh my God!
How much , I love that magical view.
Your eyes are my destiny
I love my destiny
And you in it forever
I am afraid that
I will stutterand when I do,
My love for marriage prayed

Oh my love
How long I’ve waited your
How long I’ve waited for the
brilliant shine in your eyes.
I love with all my heart your soul
Full of goodness,
I love my faith and you in it forever

24 thoughts on “Vision Of Your Eyes

    • Thank you my friend ! II always romantic, romantic and eternal lover
      in woman who embraces my soul.My dear friend I enjoy when I read such nice comments, I’m proud of all of you my dear friends , Have nice day !with love mavima

    • Love has no boundaries neither eyes nor ears, and born in the soul of man. Love that they are tiny colorful butterflies that you feel in your stomach, and you are there in a million hanging around her head when she and her tender hand by the hand, love to the thrill, it’s a respect that is a concern, it is welfare, it is fellowship. Love is all around us. I recognized the color of hair, in the blink of an eye, quivering lip. and she says that love is recognized in chocolate which I secretly put into her jacket pocket, and she along with her ??friend, the ate, and sent me kisses in math class, … heh heh when I think of those days … novel I could write about how I was taught how to love might someday write who knows.
      Your soul is full of love, my Paula can be seen from each of your posts and you have it in us who keep visiting this your virtual home to keep a nice day. Maxima with love

      • You are so sweet! I hug you and thank you for your beautiful kind words. Yip…I want to feel those butterflies! Lol. Nite from Oz, Stefan. Xxx

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