Taming The Invisible Dragon.
Written: © Maxima

If you type Sloan Rawlins into any of the search engines, very quickly you will receive a wealth of information about our beloved writer and poet. It will even remotely, be curious enough reason to enter the creative world of this talented woman, and whose words and deeds, to put it mildly elevated and holy water through which she lives. But what it does not say anywhere on the site, what you can find, in any of her biography, is the fact that I met through her work, in fact, stepped up her holy soul, whose depth and grandeur is identical to the depths, luxury and wealth blue ocean. Whose depth and grandeur is identical to the depths of luxury and wealth bright night sky gazing at his pomp – daydreaming and fantasizing write songs about love that you love my dear friend and very of reading
The only difference between the blue of the ocean, bright night sky and the soul of our dear friend Sloan, as her soul at times, when on the eve of the ocean and blue sky somewhere far away on the horizon with love together in one …. her soul on the majestic and graceful way about. She has written a book called :Taming The Invisible Dragon.Here, she shares her heart and soul with us.
Because of these and other properties here not by said this extremely interesting book honestly and with love recommend to you my dear friends.
With love Maxima

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