Summer Break

summer break II

summer break

This is my 500 post!

My thanks to all of you my friends for your support!

Thanks for WordPress, which enabled me to, this a good friendship with you. all you’re great!

I will rest for a few days to enjoy somewhere on the shores of a sea, gathering energy for a new life challenges, some new sweet dreams,

Ahead of me during the completion of preparations for publication – the very revelation – a new book of poetry. I’ve been working for a long time, of course, in cooperation with you ‘s books has a working title of “With love Maxima”, the title seems very good, or maybe you might have a suggestion to.
What title would you prefer?
Here are so many in this small, 500 Jubilee Post!

He once told me, in a comment Penny L.Howe . said try it, write a short story, so here I am trying to you to give your opinion on it
Penny! Here’s the story of a love letter, which the heroes and the time you dedicate fictional events

38 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Congrats on the big 500, and am happy that you found a body of water to decompress, rejuvenate or whatever. I just returned from a vacation on a lake as well, which leads me to thank you for your nods on some of my posts, “Lake Champlain”, “Puddle” and “Southern Railway Building”. Here’s to your next 500!!

  2. Wow! How awesome! I really like how you knew intuitively to bring it full circle–the re-mentioning of the “old rags–rags–“ well as content mimicking this form.

    Super impressed. You kept the flavor of you essential and intact–and broadened the scope into an epic and sweet dream.

  3. amazing and beautiful poetry and texts Maxima, yes, congratulations on your 500th post and thank you for all the beauty you have gifted us.

  4. You’re a passionate, poetic, wonderful man. Lovely post – and huge congrats on 500 post. WOW!!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday, Stefan! Come back soon as new forces, cheerful and relaxed and with great memories and can share them with us!
    Warm wishes! With much love, Stefania!🙂

  6. You are beautiful poet, and blogger friend dear Stefan, Congratulations for 500 posts… Have a great summer break, angels, muses and the Sun be with you always, Thank you, love, nia

  7. I wish you a relaxing holiday , sunny days and peace of mind, after a year of rewarding challenges and accomplishments. Congratulations!

  8. YAY on your 500th post!
    Thank you for always sharing your love & your heart with us.
    Enjoy your break away.
    Much love from my heart to yours –

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  10. Pingback: Summer Break | 1-855-897-8484 WILD ANIMAL REMOVAL

  11. Congratulations on your upcoming book, Stefan. The title is perfect.🙂 Have a wonderful time away. How I would love to be on one of those yachts for my birthday next weekend, Your photos are very enticing.😉

  12. Congratulations, Stefan! Well, you’ve definitely got enough beautiful pieces of work for a poetry book now (hint, hint).🙂 Love & Light, S

  13. Hello Stefan, a most poetically beautiful story! I believe it is the story of life and love, the good and bad, the sweet and the sad. True love expressed through a letter. A wonderful story my friend! You are not only a writer of beautiful poetry of love but also a writer of stories dear friend, Penny xo

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