Until I Met You

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Until I met you

Written: © Maxima

Steps My in the Night
Rains. heavy autumn chained,
And all told, the bottom of the clean glasses,
Saloons on the square revolutionary love,
A silenced, meandering pace.
Carried away and hidden behind the pupil of the eye,
He dreamed about it, it will. one day …
Square revolutionary love quiet talk
I want your gentle kiss,
And loving you with all my heart.
Up to the moon and beyond
A glow in your eyes
Be the joy of living, in every new day
How will you delicate and fragile
Forever in my arms, to feel security
And then I was madly in love even though you were not there

15 thoughts on “Until I Met You

  1. You should put your words to music! Very lovely poem as well as the image that comes with it, Maxima! Keep up the great thought process! Thanks so much for liking my posts “Obscure”, “Even More Obscure” and “Dead Petal”.

  2. Wonderful poem, Stefan! Really love your yellow roses, very much!
    I hope you have a wonderful evening, Stefan!🙂

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