Love Is When You’re Happy

Love is when you're happy

Love is when you’re happy

Written: © Maxima

Fills me the thought of you
The color of your eyes …
And voice ..
Odor your laughter bulk
The shady wall of sleep
Full of desire …
Fills my days,
Woven tenderness
And the red color on
Your beautifully manicured nails
You are the source of my happiness,
I love you to heaven and still
I’ll do anything for you!
I want you to lay your shoulder
and that sweet sleep on it

And please do not pretend to be smart
Love is when you’re happy

17 thoughts on “Love Is When You’re Happy

  1. I nominated your wonderful blog for this award A BOUCHET OF THREE AWARDS…

    • Thank you for nominating my blog. In all my blogging life with Word Press, I had so many awards. And still goes on. But I am afraid there is no time for me now, for awards. On the other hand, I should say that you are (my beautiful blogger friends) the best award for me. I love to be in this amazing world. Thank you.

      • Thank you too ! And you are a beautiful blogger !!! Nice words for me.!!! Best regards! Marian

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