Rain Day

Rain Day
Written: © Maxima

I’m looking for gaps in the holes
Between Shadow and Flame
Toss and turn on drawers
Wasted time without you
We do not know you’re going through,
with your fingers through my hair
Haunted me, my funny Research
Corners minds of those who do not
And my helplessness
Before the echo and hoofbeats wild final
Before the smell of boiled, wine, wiener …
Deafening music, bad coffee house musicians
Poor painted faces and sweaty bodies Waitress
Haunted me, thick clouds of cigarette smoke …
Haunted me, restless feet and a pale moon face,
Which made ??me, along with the stars licking,
While I was on the quadruped in the small hours to come home ….
Kissing me passionately and nicely
I am happy, whiteness of your face and warmth views
And to them, there are plenty of hike the ….
I love you