Truths first kisses

Truths first kisses
Written: © Maxima

Adorned with a smile

All kinds of beads around his neck

Butterflies and sunshine in your hair
I love the sun , and her light in your Hair
Sure that the words are not enough
to express what is inside of me was ,
I’ve been watching , your , divine journey
While you most beautiful ,
In my embrace coming
Extending your shadow slender as a birch
Gently swaying hips known far in front of you
Street ” embracing “….All there to … frst bench…
And gentle souls that prayer
Truths that are quiet with first kisses
And Behind wich there is no more hidden hopes
You’re beautiful ,All my thoughts and words
All my emotions, all my kiss hurry , here’s to you , to meet
With those what my heart wants tell to you
I love you