In The Arms of Willow

In The Arms of Willow


In The Arms of Willow

Written: © Maxima

In the arms of willow
Bestow a beauty, a
World as ivy.
No one would know
Nor intricate locks
No hands discomforted
Passions dedicated…
No one would know
I was there,
Passionately loved.
To me this wind, this
Breeze is revealing.
We talked about
Your dawns on the river,
Your insights on grain
About your sleepless nights.
I caressed
What I dreamt, and
Nobody would know
It was me.
The wind
Does not reveal.

13 thoughts on “In The Arms of Willow

    • Thank you for this lovely comment! so, Your work is always so soft looking and beautiful Have nice day,with love Maxima


    • Thank you! I greatly appreciate your kind visit to my site, likewise, your generous comments! More power to your blog!


    • Thank you my dear friend for this beautiful words about my poetry ,I am proud for your words .Have nice day! With love Maxima


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