Asleep Nicely In My Chest

Asleep Nicely In My Chest

Asleep Nicely In My Chest

Written: © Maxima

You snuck quietly tonight
With petals
Blooming stars
My beautiful angel,
In my dreams.
My lips overplayed
My magnificent love
On your eyelids.
Oh how much I love
Thy golden beauty.
My tenderness is
Like a pearl necklace
Touching your white neck.
Dawn breaks
Many dawns ahead, and
You’re the queen of my dreams,
Asleep nicely in my chest.

16 thoughts on “Asleep Nicely In My Chest

    • Thank you for this beautiful comment on my blog! Please, feel free to follow; please, feel free to comeback!


  1. Such amazing beauty is always found in the embracing words of your poem! As I awaken this morning it is cloudy, but the sun is alive in your words my brother..beautifully written! God bless!

    • Thank you my dear friend for this beautiful words about my poetry ,I am proud for your words .Have nice day! With love Maxima


  2. So beautiful and so romantic poem you, Ştefan! As always touched my soul! Thank you!
    Yellow Rose love him very much!
    Have a splendid Sunday Ştefan! With much love, Ştefania!🙂

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