Clothed in a white veil

DSCF3736 DSCF3747

White Plains Of Slavonia

Written: © Maxima

At these white plains of Slavonia!
You ‘re the one
Going, coming, going.
When your eyes are sleepy
Views of
My touching all your charms
Do not arrive.
Know I’ll say here with the
Scents beneath these snows
Clothed in a white veil.
As for the young
Dancing in the wind,
Ask of
Blush black soil
From which germinates
Sky-high growth!
From seeds of
Faith and
Goodness come
Sons and daughters
Of our Plains of Slavonia.

15 thoughts on “Clothed in a white veil

  1. Great poem as always, my dear friend Stefan!
    Have a wonderful evening! With much love, Stefania!🙂

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