Evening Duet


Evening Duet

Evening Duet

Written: © Maxima

(My Beloved)

You could be
At least
Months away,
As well as touching
The hidden darkness with your
Lower kisses, and
Body heat that
Give me no peace.



Thoughts of
Tonight, of
Traveling to
The heat of your beautiful body, where
I touch your lips and
Strands that sweep
From your forehead.
As time goes
Passing in hours
Our lives are leaking
Drop by drop.
You know, I can’t wait to hold you,
To merge into a waterfall.

22 thoughts on “Evening Duet

  1. a duet in harmony, Maxima, full of life and passion… I keep staring at the photo, and it looks like Dandelions… (correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 ) xxx

  2. Beautiful and sensual both,.. I love the last lines of second piece with the image of the time which passes.
    Gorgeous photo ! Have a nice day !

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