How Nice It Is

How Nice It Is

How Nice It Is

Written: © Maxima

How are nice lips to
Touch your naughty
During awareness of
Drowning in the meaningfulness of
Hugs, and
Two vigils?
Vigils that I love,
And it’s not that
Sense of unity, of
All the areas bounded by darkness
Deep below the surface of
Our passionate silence
“Thus the world”!
Bright shine of our eyes
Our World
My beloved,
Glow of our happiness
It is a gift.
This is the moment for eternity
A moment to remember forever.
You always knew choice
Words for your thoughts.
I did not, but
I love this state of mind
Wherein I live as your happiness.
I love you!

6 thoughts on “How Nice It Is

  1. Its beautiful to read your poems.Specially this one ,to wake up in the morning to feel a new life.Thank you for liking my post ( Do you love me?) regards.jalal

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