I Raise This Glass

Thank you so much my dear friends!  You are great ,
I love you all
Stefan Maxima


I Raise This Glass
Written: © Maxima
I raise this glass
To honor
A girlish sigh’s spell,
Where there is no end
To the most beautiful ice enrolled
White magic
Under the snow
Thick on the meadows
And house windows.
In honor of
Dreamers who love,
White ruby
Cooked wine
Red chicken soup
Hot walnut loaf.
In honor of
This pie with poppy seeds
And pearl necklace
Around the neck of
My girl,
My love,
My noblewoman
Who is tonight behind
Huge piles of feathers
With her heart full of love,
I raise this glass to

To be continued…

39 thoughts on “I Raise This Glass

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  2. Congrats, Stefan! Btw, how do you feel to be “un homme-à-femmes”?…🙂
    Good luck and tons of inspiration, young man!🙂

  3. Congratulations Stefan!!! You are popular now and a famous poet.
    Well done and very deserved by you .
    With all my respect, my sympathy.
    Your devoted reader

  4. Good Job. It really is a reason to celebrate. It takes luck, talent and work to get a lot of followers on blogging sites because of the fact that there are so many out there. So congrats!🙂

  5. Congratulations to you, Stefan. Your wonderful poetry is obviously loved by many. Keep writing, and we’ll keep on reading, my friend.🙂 The celebration meal sounds delicious.

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