My Loving Heart

My Loving Heart

My Loving Heart

Written: © Maxima

To the sound of this song!
It will take you
To the center of my heart
Where by nature
You belong,
And there, not
Sheltered from wishes’ views
And windward of all kind
Enjoy the beauty,
And charms, of
Sincere love
That I….
All my being
Weaves for you.

The sound of my songs!
Follow them to
My gentle hands, and
Private chest
In which you live
Forty-eight hours a day
My lips to kiss you
My beautiful,
Most beautiful fairy.

Me your lips tonight!
With so magical
Body scent
We’ll be alone
And a bottle of good wine
Forever in my smile, and

12 thoughts on “My Loving Heart

  1. Thank you Stefan for your amazingly beautiful way with words of romance. For giving so much of your soul to so many. Thank you for your passionate knowing of the importance of sacred and true love. Thank you, from my heart, Penny

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