Late Mother

Late Mother

Late Mother
Written: © Maxima

Tear in eye
I’ll never understand
What are the last tears
Eyes wear.
Who are so willing
If you return,
How could they not quiver?
You were,
You were mother, and
And at the same time.
It’s hard to hide a tear today
It is difficult to understand
Difficult as this leaden sky
Above the plains
That you are no longer.

12 thoughts on “Late Mother

  1. « Vous étiez mère et père ». Quelle responsabilité, comme ces mots me parlent !
    Perdre quelqu’un d’aussi important est une vraie déchirure , aucun mot ne peut exprimer ce sentiment, seules les larmes.
    De tout cœur avec vous.

  2. I did hesitate to click on “like” even though your lines are beautifully sad… my mama passed-away 6 years ago, both RIP… They’ll always live in our hearts…

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