In my dreams…

In my dreams...

In my dreams...

Written: © Maxima
Your hand.
In my dreams…
And gentle caresses,
Hair flinging
To better see the eyes
Which you watch
The heart and soul of
Who loves you immensely.

Best night
Riddled ripening of
Beautiful fruit
I Planted
Along with jars of jam in the hand,
This will be the night
Night donating
Eye love
A star for a star
A smile for you

Deep in the bright regions of
My little heart
There are
One billion three hundred fifty-eight Chambers
In which you live,
So smile!
For your love
I’ve poured sky
As a galaxy
Let consensus hover, as a
Steel bird
Leaving a trail in
Sky above
All the seas and oceans
As well as sand,
Loving the day
You know
When heart printed
I love you.

11 thoughts on “In my dreams…

  1. I am going to have to unfollow and then follow again. I can’t believe I have missed these! Not being notified!!! Amazing last few poems that I have read!!!

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