Happy  8th MarchInternational   Women's Day

Painted golden rays of the moon

Written: © Maxima

Painted golden rays of the moon
Travel sleepy sky
To kiss you,
My beloved.
In my bosom
The glow of your green thumb, and
Your smile
Turn this morning’s post
Into our sunrise.
The voice
Of the rhythm of the heart,
Your new bud of tenderness
And my blood raging
Creates a tangled knot
In the mane of my songs.
Heavenly unrest
Flirts and lights stars
As your breasts
Gently touch the
Superficially erected layers
Buried in my heart.
Soul and love you resonate,
A love not measure by hands
I hope, but
Hidden among the palms,
A Truth that in itself
Wears my beloved “us”.
I hear you sing
In honor of
Your wedding dress
And the angels sing
For when
Copper velvet bells ring
The words that
Prayer adds
Into the bosom of
The rhythms of our hearts.
My firm grip

Convenes with your smile
And thoughts in your eyes
About the time
Which is before us.
Our bodies will tremble with joy!
In the coming days
I approach your heart:
There in the land of our dreams
There in the land of our reality
Somewhere above a city
Facing towards the sun
New mornings