Bathed in the Morning


Bathed in the Morning

Written: © Maxima

Bathed in the morning
We open our eyes.

The smell of salt
From the ocean
Is fed into our nostrils.

Distant voices
Of some fishermen’s brawl
And Seagulls and
The smell of fried fish
Blends with the music
From a nearby restaurant.

Breathe the freshness of
Quite calm
While still here!

Your view touches the tops
Of pine trees, and
I wonder
What are you thinking?

We saw it last night.
It was a long time ago.
My hands…
My hands smell
Of your warm breasts,
On my lips
Your lips’ fragrant beauty,
My thoughts are in your hair, and
Of your face.
There is a long day ahead of us
And so I kiss you!
(I need to kiss you, again!)

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