Your Jewels-Dreamy Eyes

Your Jewels-Dreamy Eyes 1-3-2013-

Your Jewels-Dreamy Eyes

Written: © Maxima

Sweet unrest in the chest
Is the hardest
To restrain,
And the longer it takes
All the prouder,
It becomes.
Venetian gondolas,
As if blown
By the wind of passion
Grieve, forgive
Pray and love and
At some distant river’s falls
After late into the night,
We sun bathe
Laugh happily
Drink the sky.
Thousands of sounds, but
Your laughter
Is a world
That opens the soul.
You’re wearing white.
I’m lucky
I see
Your eyes,
Those jewels-dreamy eyes!
You know,
You awake
Unrest in me.

19 thoughts on “Your Jewels-Dreamy Eyes

  1. Laughter and woman’s eyes are a world…
    As this angel cause confusion in your spirit ! (smile)
    Very beautiful, in expression, image, colors, feelings.

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