Is there a sensory light?

Is there a sensory light?

Written: © Maxima

Is there a sensory light?
She asked me
While I was still sitting
On the threshold of expectation.
Peering into the soul of a cat
I thought about how it would be
To forever escape
The realist doctrine
Truly undamaged.
How does one interpret
The difference between sensory
And physical light?
The purpose
Which shines from your eyes
Cannot hide behind curiosity,
I said,
Come with me today
With your baby-blue eyes
You and me
From early morning!
Simply put
I’ve very itchy lips.
I’d like to try at least
My lips upon your body,
To prove
That a kiss is an expression
Forming a symptom,
A statement
That perfectly shapes
Your inner world
Which lives
Within my heart.

15 thoughts on “Is there a sensory light?

  1. I believe that we have not only temporal eyes/ vision but, spiritual eyes that are highly sensitive to that inner world.
    “Because of my blindness, I had developed a new faculty. Strictly speaking, all men have it, but almost all forget to use it. That faculty is attention. In order to live without eyes it is nec¬essary to be very attentive, to remain hour after hour in a state of wakefulness, of receptiveness and activity. Indeed, attention is … a state of being. It is a state without which we shall never be able to perfect ourselves. In its truest sense it is the listening post of the universe.” “Against The Pollution of the I” J. Lusseyran

    • Thank you for your lovely comment and reference to J. Jusseyran. I agree with you. Spiritual eyes see beyond and help us feel the inner beauty that exists. This was the essence of my poem. Again sincere thanks to you. Stefan

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