When John Ask

John went to the first grade and the first time a teacher asks:
Children , who knows what ‘s become a man ?
No one ? Well , ask the parents and tell them tomorrow .
Hurry John house caught mom cleans potatoes door is asked:
Mom, of which he became a man ?
Furious cooking , Mom said,
Here, from this – and pointed to the potatoes.
John quickly take a potato and put it in his pocket.
The next day at school the teacher asks :
Children , who knows the answer to yesterday’s question?
John first raised his hand and the teacher asked him :

Teacher says :
John , yesterday you were still in school?
Grandma is sick.
Every time absence
from school , you’re a sick grandmother . I do not believe so.
Are teachers, and we suspect that Grandma plays !

John mom asks :
Mom , is not your dad bought that dress?
No, my son, and, that I am waiting for your dad , Nor you would not have had.
John a teacher asks :
John , what is it – walking through the woods no rumor , no waterand wants to eat you ?
John thoughts and after a while says:
It’s a puzzle .
I change slender and pretty blonde for a fat hairy cookbook, because I’m starving.