The teacher asks:
Kids, if you could find on the street brains and money, what would you take?
one student, as the bench suits said,
I’d go for the money.
good build upon teacher
And I took the cheese counter brain.
ns to be someone from the bench:
Well, everyone chooses what’s wrong with it!

************************************************** **********
Little John and brags hnim father –
Dad, Dad, today I was a teacher very Praised.
And how do you, John?
Thus, she said: “All of you, kids, donkeys, and you,
John, the greatest! ”
Dad asks Little John
John, how are you in school?
Well, Dad, every day in a different corner.
: ************************************************* **********
John wanted to buy  mp4. When he got it that he lacks more money, think of how to extract money from my mom:
Mama, I’ll tell you what dad said residents while you were at work.
Mum him money, and that John will:
He said: Close the window, really pulling – pulling drafts
**************************************** ****************
The grandson asks her grandmother:
Grandma, what did you come from?
Plane, son.
And why he says he brought the devil?