Reality Blog Award-THANK YOU

Written: © Maxima
Reality Blog Award-THANK YOU


I has nominated me for the Reality Blog Award, and for this I am extremely thankful.

This special lady is Grndma Chris
and her blog is titled . Press “M” for Menopause
You really need to go visit both of her blogs to find out what an amazing woman she is.
Now for the award’s information. There really isn’t any “set in stone” rules for this award, just a few questions and nominations but really very simple and fun.

Here is a set of guidelines that you will find helpful with your award:

Press “M” for Menopause

Here are the 5 simple questions-I am going to answer them because I might just find out something about myself that I didn’t know.

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I would change people’s awareness of the need for love, of mutual tolerance, understanding and appreciation of harmony,

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be?
Definitely it would be the first time the kiss mmmm now me itchy mouth when you just made ​​me remember how gentle and unique and kissed her lips and cherry flavored

3) What is one thing that really scares you?
The only thing that I’m afraid of that , and my skin dreads is the inability or failure of my influence things in my life

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?
See With my eyes Australia and New Zealand ‘s and breathe deeply
the spirit and life of America

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?
I would do it again myself, as I am . a man who loves and loves all her being a woman. all its faults and virtues snot being dreamed dreams

My list of nominees was not difficult to build, because all the people who appreciate unusual – all my followers, filled with fantastic spirit – and they certainly deserve the award. Due to the specific topics and methods of the processing, the inimitable and very meaningful and inspiring words, images, therefore because of its wonderful virtues which we processed every day some new content and more beautiful thanks to everyone to enjoy content on my blog the way you want it most of this times in this very lovely award nominated following my friends

The Other Side of Ugly
Pauline Marina
Susanne Haun
Mihaela El Wageeh
Morning Bray
Victoria Borodin
Resa McConaghy
Cathy Ulrich
Geanin Alisandru
Naty Calinescu
Sofia Siberia
Seyi Sandra
Pride in Photos Photography
Jasmine Kylesings
Gabriele Stark
Nishali Moments
Raileanu Mariana


35 thoughts on “Reality Blog Award-THANK YOU

    • Thank you very much for this nice comment, your idea about a book I’d realized, but I do not know how and where to start or how much it costs or whether someone may be sponsored or anything. but here in this beautiful friendship gave me the opportunity to ask, and this and that here in this your kind words know the true value of my poetry Thank you I’m flattered these your words and this idea may have someone who has an interest in the publishing still reads this. Have a nice day

  1. Congratulations, Stefan. I love your answers. When you come to America, allow some time to visit the West (where I live). It is beyond spectacular! And thank you for the nomination! You are most kind. Hugs, Cathy

  2. Congrats Maxima !! I love your answers as well ! Yes, awareness to spread the need of love, harmony and tolerance. Wonderful. New Zealand….. Ahhh, what a dream. However, I was rather speechless upon seeing your nominations. My expression sort of did this: O.! 🙂 I am so honored, humbled and excited upon seeing my name included in your list !! Thank you so much Maxima !! Happy day and happy day to you !! xo Once again congratulations.

  3. Hey go you,Stefan!
    Let me tell you from an Aussie, that Australia is well worth the visit and as for New Zealand? The South Island is just breath taking! I was actually born in the North Island. My family migrated to Oz! Congratulations on your award. 🙂 ……..Paula x

  4. Looking forward to visiting you nominees. Well being from America I don’t advise breathing too deeply here you may get lung I love the places you chose to see, absolutely beautiful, maybe one day I can go there too.

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