Let Me Speak From My Soul.

POST 18-12-2015-All copyrights © MAXIMA

I know not all of you But your kind comments your visit to my site tell me clearly You like this my blog, You love poetry that I write . This is why I come up with this humble thought of poems for you, to let you know too that you are all special to me!
My today’s post is dedicated to

*Written: © Maxima

Let Me Speak From My Soul
Let me speak from my soul eternally devoted to you;
Let my bashfulness in crystal dawn enters your dreams;
Let my heart be the full day servant of your kisses;
And my hands to serve your greedy passions and desires;
Let my tenderness serve your rumbustious lips;
Let my gentleness lead you to the celestial constellations of love;
And let my smallness be the carrier of your suitcase anywhere you go.
Mount your suitcase charged sighs
In full control of the embodiment, solemnly singing forever.

13 thoughts on “Let Me Speak From My Soul.

  1. Stefan, your generosity is so touching and your poetry like sweet music. I love the line “and let my smallness be the carrier of your suitcase anywhere you go”. Thank you so much for the dedication and a blessed holiday season to you and your family.

  2. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with the world. You are able to capture the essence of beauty and joy with words that reach out to comfort and inspire. May you solemnly sing forever…for the world needs to hear your music!

  3. Very very nice! Thank you with all my heart, my dear friend, Stefan, for dedicated. I appreciate it very much. I feel so honored!
    Have a wonderful evening! With much love, Stefania!🙂

  4. Thanks for your dedication, Stefa, What a beautiful poem. I really smiled when I read, “And let my smallness be the carrier of your suitcase anywhere you go..” Delightful! Have a wonderful day my friend.🙂

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