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To my wonderful friends in this great blogging community,
My Blogger of the year 2012 Award is filled with 6 stars and yet I still am blessed to be receiving more nominations for additional stars. A special thanks to
Tuttacronaca and Valentina.
To me each of you is a “star” in my eyes
  Lada Ray

The why abouth this 

All things boys

I dedicate this poem to all the blogging stars in our community,

Eyes the color of my desire

From somewhere with open sea
She walked down
The dark,tanned.
Black-eyed .Depth of my eyes
And bring to my soul
Light and joy
My heart sang with the blue sky
I crying of luck with the hope
Her graceful movements.
Speaks silent the words….
And my thoughts shamelessly gentle
Hurried in her comforting arms and
Hugs that feeling makes my world so differently ?
Such a wonderful feeling
What ….a just a kiss ?
That little girl eyes the color of my desire
How I would know:

I thank you all for thinking of me for this honor, May your own stars shine brightly, Maxima

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