I have to. Do you know?

post 7.12.2012.

Farewells are falling hard
But you still went ….
With some flower, and with a smile
Because you’re not allowed to stay longer –
When you disappeared behind the door.
You talked quietly language of fear
I have to. Do you know?
Do not daddy …

Together with linden trees, we are flourishing,
Gentle kiss you just gave me.
Steps quiet … and then darkness
You spoke the language riots …
I have to – you know …!
Do not let Mom ..

That look meek, for – good night,
And gentle hands around my neck …
You! Be quiet shh!
I have to – because we – my brother
If he wakes up it’s war!

post 7.12.2012.

With love maxima


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One thought on “I have to. Do you know?

  1. fiammisday December 7, 2012 at 13:54 Reply

    Love it!!! Thanks again!!!

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